Automatic Payment Form

Automatic Pay Form

I. J&J Computer Corp. agrees to the following:

  1. Perform the applicable payment or requested services using only the number of the credit card specified in this form.
  2. If the requested transaction is not canceled under the applicable payment has not been accepted by the account of the credit card, J&J Computer Corp. revert the transaction and will notify the client that it has not been canceled .

J&J Computer Corp. may cancel or modify this choice at any time in its absolute discretion, for which only the client must inform their decision, without notice and without obligation required to recognize any compensation. The termination of this option will not release the parties from their outstanding obligations termination date.

II. The customer agrees to the following:

  1. Fill the form found on this page. Once the authorization form completed customer must attach a copy of your ID and a copy of the credit card specified on the form.
  2. Report to J&J Computer Corp. of any changes to the information contained in this form specifically about the number of credit card, expiration date or other relevant date information. Such changes MUST be reflected in the form.

Note: 3% charge will be applied to any transaction.



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